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Founder - Webcraft Worldwide Initiative
Oxford Launch 2014 Winners Dorian Tallbody and Henry White

oxford Launch 2014 Participants


Dorian Tallbody FRSA, is passionate about WebCraft, the term he coined to describe all activity related to the study and practice of creating successful web presences. Dorian not only enjoys speaking with community project leaders on the merits of introducing ‘webcraft’ into their local skills-building initiatives but also partnering with business owners, marketers and software developers on joint venture projects.


He makes a wide range of resources; tools, training, coaching and mentoring available to online entrepreneurs, business owners, online marketing newbies and students eager to learn and implement effective ways to get the most out of their web presence development (webcraft) activities.

 Dorian Tallbodt Webcraft Teacher & Consultant

As well as teaching students and consulting with business owners, he continues to build collaborative relationships with expert web service providers in order to establish his paradigm-shifting, ‘Webcraft Worldwide Initiative‘.


To learn more about Dorian Tallbody’s ‘Webcraft Worldwide Initiative’ project, click here.

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