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“In the not-so-distant future our children’s children will either be running the world or running to keep up with it. It is the responsibility of today’s parents and educators to ensure against the latter. To accomplish this we need to introduce the topic of Webcraft, a valuable skill to possess in the global digital job space, to our students as soon as possible.”

Dorian Tallbody, FRSA


Dorian is a teacher of Webcraft, web presence consultant & founder of the ‘Webcraft Wordwide Initiative’. He provides vital advice, tools, training and support for those looking to learn how to build, brand and grow a business online… the correct way, first time.



As more small businesses make the decision to come online each day, competition increases. Dorian helps businesses understand the importance of establishing a strong, strategic web presence in the new digital marketplace to stay ahead of their competition.


The Webcraft Worldwide Initiative is my mission to improve income and employment opportunities globally. To accomplish this I’ve come up with a solution that will transform the global job space and global market place. But I need your help…

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